Lake Meade State Park is in the southwest corner of Kansas. It is a beautiful park. The lake seemed to appear out of nowhere amidst the plains of Kansas. It is a man made lake yet seems nestled in to the landscape. Once again we were about the only campers there and greatly enjoyed the peace and quiet of the place for four days. This post will be mostly photos. I hope you enjoy them.

Gambel’s Quail
Run for it!!!
My best guess is that this is an Oriole nest
Northern Flicker
Canadian Geese
What a sunset!
Moonlight over Shiny
So peaceful
Recording tunes for Connor
I have no idea what sort of pod this is
Nice night to drum
I could live in a tree!
The tiny dot is Shiny – has the whole place to herself

Well, that wraps up this episode of Streamin-in-Shiny. It was a joy to be in such a peaceful place. Till next time, stay adventurous! Exactly what does that mean to YOU??? Let me know.


  1. Adventurous. Hmmm. Dashing out to get the newspaper in my bathrobe at 7AM in 20 degree temperatures.

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