I’m not going to argue with the village of Hatch’s claim that they are the Chili Capital of the World. I fell in love with Hatch peppers. Sue, not so much. I put them on almost every meal I prepare for myself now.

Hatch grows a wide variety of chili peppers but they are especially known for the New Mexico Chili. It’s hard to describe but I think the peppers have a sweet flavor with just the right amount of heat. Perfect! For me anyway.

There was stand after stand in Hatch selling peppers and concoctions made from peppers. As we walked around the air was filled with the smoke of roasting peppers. Ristras of different sizes and shapes hung from every pepper stand. I stocked up on Salsas. Hatch was all things pepper. Our friends Michael Fullerton and Denise Wilder shared some of their Hatch Flame Roasted Green Chili’s with me and I had to immediately seek out a supply of them for myself.

We drove by huge fields of peppers yet to be harvested. We saw workers picking peppers in some of the fields. Stray peppers littered the roads in and out of town.

Chili Harvest
Chili Harvest picture gleaned from the Internet.

One other notable thing in Hatch is Sparky’s, famous for there chili burgers. Why, you can even go online to their website and have chili burgers sent right to your mailbox! There was a line out of the door when we showed up so we decided to move on. They go to great lengths to attract attentions I must say.

I’m going to make it a point to go through Hatch and stock up on Hatch Peppers on the way home, that’s for sure.

We had other adventures while camped at Caballo State Park. Those deserve blog posts all to themselves!

Click on picture below for more pictures from Hatch, NM.

Hatch, New Mexico


  1. The colors of the peppers are mesmerizing and what a hoot to see all the traffic stopping statues. Thank you for your post!

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