Blue LakeIt was hard to believe that this very blue lake was in the middle of a bone dry desert! I just love the idea that, unbeknownst to me, deep under that very dry desert, there are deep aquifers carrying water from mountains far in the distance to this little series of lakes. It’s kind of like life, right? There are those time when everything seems dry and barren when, lo and beyond, things just beyond our ken are rising up bringing us sustenance.

Journey of water

High View 2.jpgWe had a great time at Bottomless Lake State Park in Roswell, New Mexico. There were lots of birds, thanks to the water, and many interesting sights (as long as I took the time to pay attention!) It’s so interesting to me that when we first get to a place, I am all ‘eyes’. Everything is fresh and new. Then, before you know it, everything is just blah, blah, blah. Then I have to hit my own reset button and stay present. Again and again.

You’ve got to be tough to survive in the desert. The plants and animals have evolved to meet the environment’s exacting standards. Hats off to the goat head burr which has adapted itself to cling to every possible surface in order that its seed might be spread. It is the size of a pebble. We don’t know exactly why it has to inflict such pain when stepped upon. But, in honor of that function, Larry has renamed the scourges, ‘dickheads’.


We were told that the park is so popular for day trips in the summer that cars line up for a mile along the entrance. When one car leaves, another enters. There is a swimming area, many picnic tables with shade and a playground. Luckily, we were there in the off season so I did not have to fight off any kids to get a turn on the jungle gym.


There were  great night skies full of stars but we did not encounter any aliens even though we were right in Roswell. Too bad!



Here is a link to a drumming audio tape that I made for you on the banks of the lake. Enjoy! Click here

Selfie lake

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