After we left Jackson Center, Ohio we headed west alongside miles and miles of soy bean and corn fields. It was very hot and humid.

Field and fenceLarry discovered  Canal Park park in Delphi, Indiana using and it was very sweet. It was a small campground that was in an historic area. We shared the space with other RV’ers and tenters. There was a group of folks with kids with a mishmash of cars and tents and baby strollers. I think that I categorized them as riff raff. You could see that they were smoking cigarettes around the kids. They had an altercation with the camp host which involved loud yelling on both sides. When the contingent left on Sunday, they exited with the loud blaring of horns and racing of the Ford Taurus and Dodge Caravan engines showing the host who was going to have the last word. Yet, throughout the weekend, the posse of 9 or 10 kids all played peacefully. The older kids pushed the younger ones in strollers. There were stroller races, seated pow wows on the grass and boo-boos were quickly soothed with kisses and hugs.

Here is the machine they use to scoop clean the canal.

Water cleaner

The park was along side the Wabash and Erie Canal which was dug with hand tools in the 1830’s. Water ways were the only way to transport materials at that time. It was kind of heart breaking to learn that after all of the work to build the canals, they were rendered obsolete only 30 years later by the railroads.


Sunflowers and CanalWe were lucky to be able to catch up with old friends from Wakefield and the Wolfeboro Post Office, Rick and Margie Fogelin.

Rick and Margy

We enjoyed being out of doors, despite the heat and it was great to see the birds! Don’t forget to look for the peace rock somewhere in this post.:)

Take Off


  1. I never knew that the Erie Canal went that far. Interesting. And, no , I can’t find the peace rock.

    1. Even though it is called the Wabash and Erie Canal, I don’t think that technically it is a part of the Erie Canal, which is from Albany to Buffalo. You’ll have to zoom in to see the rock on the river cleaner picture

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