We’ve been home here in NH enjoying our new grandson Connor. He’s growing fast but still needs a lot of tender loving care. Brooke, Dan and Sue are doing the bulk of that.

Meanwhile we’ve been thinking about our time on the road and our blog. We decided to hire an artist friend from Denmark, Jesper Deleuran, to create an image for us that we could use for the header. Jesper’s work is phenomenal. He created the logo for my website Slippery-Hill.com.

Here is the finished image for our blog Streamin-In-Shiny

Shiney in space

At first we thought we wanted a long never ending road as the background. Then Sue came up with the space idea. When I first saw this image all I could say was WOW!

We wanted to get back on the road by Labor Day weekend but Sue was picked for jury duty so that is now up in the air.

When we depart we plan on taking a route that traverses the northern states to the West Coast. Work our way to the Southwest again for the winter.

We’ll see!

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