We have slowed way down into Shiny-time and the days have turned into weeks. We aren’t sure what day of the week it is. When one of us is in a hurry, the other will remind about shiny-time. It’s a lot about being in the present. Shiny-time is a great gift that Larry and I have received on this trip and we are grateful for that. Even in these ideal conditions, it’s easy to forget about the gift of shiny-time. I hope that, when I return to a home without wheels, I will still listen to her wisdom!

So, we’ve been to three state parks in the past 2 1/2 weeks or so. Each was beautiful in its own way. All had great hikes and at this time of year, all had lovely spring flowers. We have found that you have to reserve way ahead of time if you want a site during the weekends. Please add this neck of the woods to your bucket list!

Now for the photo tour. Enjoy!

The  South Llano River had pecan trees along its banks.

Larry spied these deer in the morning.

So much to see!

Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow. Does anyone know what kind?

San Pedro was windy and hot

Inks Lake was an incredible combination of hills, water, flowers, hikes and ROCKS!! Shiny had a nice shady place to rest.


Did I say, ‘rocks’?

Gneiss Rocks

Then there are the lovely Spring flowers. I must have seen 6 different types of mugworts!

The combo

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