Turns out the rodeo was in San Antonio and the KOA where we stayed was right down the way from the AT&T expo center where the rodeo was held. The campground was full to the brim with RVs and live stock trailers that were half people living quarters and half for hauling live stock. No livestock were allowed at the KOA. That would have been interesting. KOA’s may be expensive and limited in terms of natural beauty but they always have a laundry mat. Doing the laundry at an RV park is an adventure in itself. I met a nice gal from Indiana who has 9 grandchildren, 8 are living and one is dead. He died at 17 in a car crash. I watched Olympic Curling on the TV with a man who was working at the rodeo and we tried to figure out the goal of the sport.


The park abutted a town walking path and a stream so we had lots of good walks and enjoyed a nice view out of our back window.KOA River

The trailers were packed in so tightly at this place that, to quote our eloquent friend Jimbo, you could have marital relations with your wife and get your neighbor’s girlfriend pregnant.

Tread needle

Anyway, we did go to the rodeo which is a lot like a county fair during the day and then at night on the weekends, they do the cattle roping and such. One of our neighbors, Zane, was a nice guy. Native Texan. He goes to the rodeo every year for a week with his family and they show their cattle and his daughter shows her sheep.

We ran into our friends, Marte and Morris from Quebec again, that was a nice surprise.

One afternoon we were getting ready for dinner when we hear the sound of a big trailer pulling in next to us into a space that had previously held a small van. Then a woman says in a big Texas drawl that there is NO WAY I’m getting that in that spot. Well, the KOA guy helped her out and amazingly the camper was thread through that needle. Later we heard her say that she was going to write a mean note on the dust of our camper on account of it being in her way. So, we went out and chatted with her and before long she was calmed down. She said she was so glad that we talked with her. Then she gave us lots of ideas of places to go in South Texas where she is from.

Trailer closeby

The next day we put our big kid pants on and took the public bus to downtown. Larry got to see the Alamo which he has wanted to see since he was a kid. We took the River Walk Boat tour. That was amazing the way the river wound around the downtown area with walkways with restaurants and shops. We had some great barbecue at one of the restaurants. If you are in San Antonio, we recommend the River Walk.

Happy CoupleRiver Walk



    1. No, they didn’t have fried dough but they did have funnel cakes. I had a great brautwurst (sp?) and sauerkraut sandwich. It was delicious. I guess a lot of Germans immigrated to Texas and brought their great food with them.

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