Next stop was Galveston Island, Texas. We drove on from the north through the main drag with its beautiful old Amusement Park on the main pier. It made me think of pictures of my Grandparents at Coney Island. The town is what you would call a tourist trap complete with swimsuits for sale, margarita bars and pedal bikes for rent.

Amusement ParkThis area was a combination of beautiful, natural scenery with many birds and lots of water with some of the ugliest McMansions we have ever seen, all crammed together on a really delicate ecosystem. I sure have a new found appreciation of our country’s system of town, state, and federal parks. Without the Galveston Island State Park, I can’t think that the beautiful marshes and dunes would still be there.

Ugly Houses

We met Marte and Morris from Quebec and had a good time sharing stories about the road over a couple of beers. We also met a woman from the Houston area. I told her that I was born in Pasadena, Texas where my father was stationed in the Air Force. She hollered in a loud whoop, “Pasa–Get down-Dena!!” that made me laugh. Yea! That’s where I’m from, Pasagetdowndena!

The weather was still cool, windy and rainy but hope springs eternal. We figured we would head away from the coast and see if I might be able to finally put my down parka away. Locals say this is the coldest winter in years.


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