Our two days in New Iberia, La. were not the greatest. Of course, just about anything would be a let down after the beautiful Fullerton Lake campground. The KOC campground was near several busy roads so there was the issue of traffic noise but the weather had warmed up some and when we sat outside we had a nice view of a field all ready for planting. I even put on a pair of capris.


The creepiness of this place started to settle in when we arrived and I went to the bathrooms to check them out. There were signs in the bathroom from the owners that half begged and half bullied the people to please stop vandalizing the bathrooms.  We saw five and six people from 3 different generations coming out of the same small campers. Small, dark windowed cars drove slowly through the park, stopping at various campers throughout the day. Kids got off of school buses and stopped off briefly at the campers and then hustled off to the play ground. People as skinny as skeletons came out of the campers moving about in agitated ways and hollering mean sounding words. These people frightened and saddened me and I was dismayed by how quickly I had made them ‘the other’.  There was little of the usual milling about and greeting your camping neighbors. We locked up everything we had.

On the bright side, we did meet a nice fellow from Minnesota who comes to the South every winter to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. That was cool. We had a fun jaunt to the Tabasco factory.

Plus, we got to try a local sausage called boudin (pronounced boo dan’). Ooh wee! We are hooked. We went into a busy local butcher shop and asked if we could taste the pork and the crawfish boudin. The owner brought out two 6 inch links of each to taste!. We left with a big purchase.

We had a Shiny ‘oh shit!” moment here at KOC. The tire we had plugged at Letchworth State Park last summer started leaking again so we decided to purchase a new tire at a nearby tire dealer. The heart stopping moment occurred after we had removed the leaking tire.  We unhooked the trailer from the truck and Shiny slid backwards off of the Trailer Aid. Picture QE2 being launched sideways into the ocean. No harm done but Larry has designed a new tire changing procedure!

The high point of these 3 days was being in a nearby grocery store and getting a text from our daughter, Brooke and seeing our Grandson’s ultrasound photo! I was crying and laughing at the same time. Can’t wait for June when Master Foley makes his big appearance!

Baby Foley


  1. What a story, the whole thing! The ultrasound is amazing. Sue, is that a uke you are playing? I am trying to learn to play a little.

    Rain here and a warm up. Nice afternoon at the Lyceum with Doug Hazard and the Sandwich Rangers

    1. yes, that is a uke. I haven’t played at all yet on this trip. It’s been a little cold to play outside. Great to hear from you!

  2. Great adventures. Congratulation of the new to be addition to the Warren generations. (and all at the rest of the family)

    1. I know. The name of the place deserved some mention but I could only think that it would be ‘in poor taste’ to use a phrase from my childhood.

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