Andersen Levelers

We’ve been pulling a camper of one make or another for over 30 years. Camp sites that we choose were seldom level especially at Old Time music festivals. We’ve used blocks of wood, wooden planks, and plastic pads to get the camper level. It’s important that the RV is level chiefly so the refrigerator works properly. But sink and shower drains work better too.

At the Brandywine Revival festival this year we didn’t get quite level and my side of the bed was on the low side. I’d wake up in the middle of the night with not only the mattress but Sue, still in a blissful state, pressing me up against the side cabinet. So there’s that too.

I came across the Andersen Levelers on Amazon and decided to give them a try. I needed one for each axle so I had to buy two. I’ve got to say that they are the easiest and slickest leveling method I’ve ever used.

When we get ready to level Shiny from side to side, Sue will place the levelers in front of or in back of the tires. Sue then guides me forward or backward. She talks to me on the phone and I listen through the Bluetooth in the truck. I will either drive or back up onto them. Sue has a small inexpensive surface level that she’ll put on the floor just inside the main door. When Shiny is level side to side she tell me to stop, put the chocks under the levelers and we’re done. Voila’!


If there is a down side to this gadget it is that they only will give you 4 inches of lift. We have used two wooden planks between the levelers and the ground at times which will give us another 3 or so inches of lift.

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  1. “Bring her back. Bring her back. Whoa!” We always love watching the big camping rigs back-up into their campsites, trying to get just the perfect location. Best of luck on your trip! We’re so excited for you.

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