Are Sue and I the only people who think a television in an RV is a total waste money?

Our previous RV had a TV and in 10 years we never turned it on!



Even at home we seldom turn the TV on (commercials drive me wacky). I can’t think of many reasons I’d ever want to watch TV while on the road.

Believe it or not Shiny has two TV’s! I kid you not. One in the kitchen/dining area and, to us, a completely senseless and useless one in the bedroom. We are constantly bumping into it and the only thing its good for is to drape our wet towels over after a shower.


Sue mentioned several times this summer that she wished she had a private little writing space in the morning. So I started looking into it. I found some folding wall tables on Amazon and brought them to Sue’s attention. We discussed it and since we had time to kill before are departure we pulled the trigger on a dainty looking little table.

The table was delivered by UPS when we were not home. It had been opened and repackaged. It turned out OK, even had extra hardware, but my first thought was why oh why didn’t I heed those ungratifying Amazon customer reviews. The bad reviews mostly were about inaccurate assembly instructions.  In the end I did not find this to be the case at all.

First we removed the bedroom digital towel rack (television).


The hardest part was stuffing the cable back into the wall to get it out of the way.


We assembled what we could in the warmth of our wood stove heated home. The next day we fired up the furnace in Shiny and move in with our tools. Sue measured for the proper height.


Then we mounted the table onto the wall. Really was not that bad of a job. This is what it looks like when its folded down.


And here is a very happy Sue sitting at the folded up table.


Happy wife, happy life!


  1. Very exciting news on the table!! See, it’s the little things life we must learn to appreciate 🙂

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