Honda EU2000i 

There is a lot of contention out there on just what is the best generator for an RV. Some people say forget the Micro-Air EasyStart/small generator and get a big wattage rig that will handle the air conditioning/microwave/hot water load. Some advocate buying two small generators and hooking them together for more wattage. Some like gas models, some like propane models. Some like combo generators that can use either gas or propane. All will work.

It comes down to what the individual prefers. I want a small generator that is easy to move around which means I also need the EasyStart. I don’t want to lug gas cans in the bed of my truck all over the country which means a generator that runs on propane.

I decided on a Honda EU2000i from GenConnex. I own a Honda lawn tractor, a Honda wood splitter, and a Honda water pump. Never had an issue with any of them so I went with the Honda generator. With shipping it cost us $1790, again not pocket change. But I’ve got a rig that weighs in at only 49 pounds, is very quiet, and with the EasyStart will run the air conditioner. Even more slick is that it connects right into the front of Shiny via a gas hose quick connect. Sweet!


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that almost right off the bat I had a problem. The day I got it, I hooked it up to Shiny and it ran wonderfully. I had it running for about 45 minutes checking to see what worked inside, charging the batteries, and running the air conditioner. Everything worked perfectly. About two weeks later I took it up to a remote cabin in Maine intending to run it off a 20 lb propane tank. It ran for about 5 seconds and then sputtered and stopped. I tried everything to get that rig running to no avail. When I got home I e-mailed GenConnex and they informed me about a spark plug cap issue that they had just learned about from Honda. You can read the whole story on this thread I started in Airforums.

It was a minor problem and and the local Honda dealer took care of it. I am still quite happy I went with the Honda.

Oh, and before I forget, if you do decide to go with a propane converted Honda from GenConnex, make sure you ask them to send the high altitude orifice. It’s for altitudes 5000 feet and above and it’s free!


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