We had a little surprise when we got Shiny, our beloved Airstream, back from the repair shop where some warranty work was ably performed. I opened the silverware draw and there were chewed up packets of parmesan cheese and little deposits from some furry friends. After my initial dismay and revulsion, I had to laugh. The image of cheese in an aluminum packet, in a drawer, in an aluminum encased trailer, in an aluminum sided building came to mind. Such a fortress was no match to a pair or two of mice.

Given my Irish heritage, I am bound to see a sermon in this little story. It goes like this – Life is going to happen. It is going to get up close and personal. It doesn’t care how many layers of shiny reflective, protective gear you put up. And, it’s messy and stuff happens.

The waiting time for a big getaway is hard (in a first world sort of way). We entertain ourselves with internet searches of cool places. We have been having fun reading about Shunpikers and the fascinating blog Streaming Thru America.

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